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Impactful Value Adds
Measurable Success

Next Generation of Medical Automation is Here

Jorie Healthcare adds value to every organization that implements our Jorie AI Bots.  Success metrics are gauged every week after implementation with customers around 3 factors.

Financial Impact

Customer Impact

Enterprise Management



Jorie has become so advanced, taking on repetitive tasks leaving humans more time to focus on other work. Easy implementation and customized automation to enhance your productivity by 250%. We offer faster delivery to custom workflows are 500% faster than humans.

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The next generation of medical automation is here. Jorie automation will eliminate your manual workflows and manual checks, both of which can increase your eligibility accuracy. Our artificial intelligence bot will work 24/7 with 99% accuracy.

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Enterprise Management:

  • ​​Process Execution Velocity

  • Bot Quality Percentage

  • Bot Utilization



Jorie has refined collections. Using our automated technology you’ll see a 25% increase in daily payments, 20% decrease in bad-debt write-offs, which result in fewer patients sent to collections.


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We will be happy to discuss your challenges and how Jorie Bots can help you with a customized solution.

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