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People First
Automation as a Transformative Tool

We recognize that your processes and resources are key to having a great organization.  We've built our automation tools to transform their work & achieve organizational excellence.


Through comprehensive dashboard analytics, financial and clinical data becomes available in real-time, allowing for accurate reporting, which creates a path for leadership to make the most informed decisions.

Practice Management

Bringing standardization to your practice ensures consistent patient experience. Creating repeatable practices within your organization improves the quality of care, increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.


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Jorie Bots!

We will be happy to discuss your challenges and how Jorie Bots can help you with a customized solution.

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Create Efficiencies & Improve Margins

Developing a central billing office creates great value. By simultaneously reducing the cost to collect and increasing collections, the organization vastly improves its financial standing.


As your healthcare organization grows, an investment in staffing and infrastructure is necessary to sustain quality care delivery. When infrastructure can scale seamlessly, leadership is free to drive the organization forward without unnecessary delays.

Fixed Operating Cost

Our healthcare consulting professionals have decades of performance improvement experience, including in-hospital business and clinical leadership positions. Our teams bring the subject matter expertise and commitment necessary to effectively collaborate across your organization to drive meaningful and sustainable results. We work collaboratively and effectively with your executive team, physicians, department leaders, and staff to implement change across all settings of care.


Contact us now to see our Jorie Bots!

We will be happy to discuss your challenges and how Jorie Bots can help you with a customized solution.

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