Disaster Recovery: In October 2017, record rainfall flooded Houston, Texas.

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In October 2017, record rainfall flooded Houston, Texas. Doctors and staff were forced to close all the clinics. Patients and staff needed to be contacted but the staff was unable to access phones or computer systems.


Jorie created redundancy and backup solutions, for accessing EMR/EHR and internet-based phones. All phones were immediately rerouted from the Houston clinics to our Chicago call center.  However, a lightning storm in Chicago disabled the phones in the offices. Phones were then again rerouted, this time to our remote staff in New York, supported by an additional 40 staff in India. IMPACT:

A seamless transition to failover allowed to access all clinical information via EMR/EHR and to make/receive calls, providing critical information and direction to thousands of patients. 

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