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How Jorie’s Practice Management Solutions Optimize Your Clinic’s/Hospital’s Performance

Accurate diagnosis relies on years of practice, expertise, and single-minded focus, and it is the direct measure of a clinic’s success or a doctor’s reputation. This rather necessary skill also requires rich, consolidated data that should be easily available, to constantly keep pace with the required expectation rate of delivering a solution and a cure.

This is why Jorie Healthcare Partners has taken on the task of exclusively serving healthcare: our proficient practice management systems take care of everything else that is required to run the hospital or clinic, so your doctor can focus on taking care of his/her patient.

Practice Management

Treating every patient with uninterrupted and in-person attention is not only important for an improved patient experience, it is also important for providing an effective diagnosis. Our practice management solutions ensure that you can provide healthcare solutions effectively and efficiently.

These solutions come in many parts which can be bundled up to suite your requirement.

DATA Abstraction And Migration

A basic logistical problem in any clinic or hospital is maintaining hard copy records of each and every patient. Jorie Healthcare’s team aids in abstracting all that physical data to digital form so it can be accessed, maintained and easily updated.

At Jorie, this is a prime service, one of the first that we recommend and provide to our clientele. Jorie Healthcare Partners has always delivered successful results in improving their practice management.

EMR/EHR Utilization

Utilization of ‘ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS’ and ‘ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS’ help greatly in making informed decisions for patients with pre-existing conditions. This not only helps in providing an effective diagnosis in the current state, but it also helps in better practice management: it offers clearer insight into estimating how the patient will respond to the treatment that is being provided.

Prescription Refill Management

Prescription refills can prove to be highly inefficient processes. Patients on medication for multiple conditions could end up travelling between departments to get prescription refills. This could lead to many instances of miscommunication and medication errors.

We at Jorie Healthcare Partners will help you integrate a refill management system that will save your patient’s time, money and greatly improve the overall treatment experience. This is why it is a highly recommended tool for practice management.

Virtual Scribe

A virtual scribe digitally accompanies a doctor for patient visits. This virtual scribe has direct access to each visiting patient’s treatment records and paperwork. This valuable data can easily be made available to doctors on request, and reduces cumbersome and erroneous paperwork.

At Jorie Healthcare partners, we have enough success to understand that Virtual Scribes are a highly effective asset for practice management: they assist the doctor in making informed decisions, by penning down important notes while the doctor performs their check-up. This directly leads to less errors, and helps the doctor in question focus on his/her patient.

For example, a doctor can simply describe his observations vocally while performing his check-up. His vocal notes can be transcribed in real time by the virtual scribe. Similarly, A doctor can ask for a parent’s medical records such as notes from the previous visits and the virtual scribe can quickly retrieve them and through their digital database.

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