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Jorie India Rings In 2019's Christmas True Punjabi Style

For its first Christmas in Mohali, Punjab, Jorie Healthcare decided to fuse the traditional spirit of the festival with some classic Punjabi twists. Enter the 13th floor of the Quark City premises, and you'd be greeted with a jovial dancing Santa figurine at the reception - an unusual, but delightful sight at a corporate office.

Traditionally-decorated Christmas trees dotted the office as did giant colorful stars. Employees decorated their own mini versions of the Christmas tree, and in a spirit of bonhomie, wrote special sticky notes about their colleagues, that were then pasted on the walls.

The evening was wrapped up with some excellent renditions of Bollywood songs by the staff, and some incredible Bhangra-savvy Santa Clauses who got the entire floor up on their feet including Jorie's Executive Vice President David Clarkson.

Here's a small preview:


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