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Rise Of Flight All Planes Crack




Featuring tons of original WWI aircraft, hundreds of detailed maps and scenarios, amazing photo-realistic graphics, and an outstanding AI opponent, WWI Flying Simulator: Battle of the Somme is the ultimate WWI flight-sim. The War of 1914-1918 is finally coming to a close and the famous British and German forces have been battling for months. It is the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest battles in history. Over 4,000,000 casualties on both sides resulted in the final victory of the armies on the battlefields. The British and French forces as well as the German Army have called in the US, Russian, British and French to help take the offensive. After days of slaughter, the Allies prepare to take the offensive, hoping to finally break the trench warfare of WWI. WWI Flying Simulator: Battle of the Somme is a unique WWI flight-sim featuring the most realistic WWI aircraft available. In order to stop the German onslaught the Allied forces have created a special air unit in this war. With over 60 planes at their disposal, the Allied air unit is ready to take to the skies. The AI controlled air forces of the Germans and the Allies are the most detailed in the world, with an impressive engine of over 450 unique and unique AI pilots. The Allied air unit is comprised of four squadrons of four aircraft each, with 15 planes per squadron. The Germans are equal in power, with a squadron of four aircraft, but have the advantage of stronger crew, and more powerful engines. To take down the Allied forces, the German air squadrons are outnumbered. The battle begins as the Allied air unit strikes the front lines of the German Army, causing confusion and carnage. The Allied forces manage to down several German planes before their ground forces take to the skies, forcing the British air unit to return home. As the Germans fall back they take to the skies to prevent the Allies from following. The Battle of the Somme rages on for several days with both sides attacking and defending the trenches, trading of air strikes and ground assaults. In the end the Allies take the offensive and break the stalemate of WWI. WWI Flying Simulator: Battle of the Somme provides a complete experience of WWI flight-sim. The best graphics and graphics engine in the industry will transport you to the WWI battlegrounds, filling you with the courage of the pilots, as well as the sensation of the opening strike in the skies over the Western




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Rise Of Flight All Planes Crack
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