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About Jorie Healthcare Partners

Jorie Healthcare is a

Artificial Intelligence-Powered

Robotic Process Automation



Exclusive to Healthcare Providers

Jorie Healthcare Partners is a leading, independently owned healthcare consulting and technology firm that exclusively serves hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician practices using an integrated, multi-disciplinary and tailored approach.


We help our clients improve their financial, operational and clinical performance with our proven technology and focus on sustainable long-term, measurable results. This positions organizations of all kinds to succeed in today’s challenging and rapidly changing reimbursement environment by preparing them for tomorrow.


Experience & Expertise

Our healthcare automation solutions have been perfected by our experts who have over 30 years of performance improvement experience, including in hospital business and clinical leadership positions. Our teams bring the subject matter expertise and commitment necessary to effectively collaborate across your organization to drive meaningful and sustainable results. We work collaboratively and effectively with your executive team, physicians, department leaders and staff to implement change across all settings of care.


Our process allows us to be nimble, efficient and client-centric in all we do. Our healthcare consulting and technology firm works in the trenches with you to identify and customize high-impact solutions that are the best fit for your specific situation.

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Measurable Results

Our healthcare consultants will go over results with your organization's leadership teams to ensure that you are making measurable difference to your goals. Our teams bring their expertise and knowledge when analyzing the results to make further recommendations or adjustments necessary to ensure meaningful and sustainable results.


Contact us now to see our Jorie Bots!

We will be happy to discuss your challenges and how Jorie Bots can help you with a customized solution.

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